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The members of the guild known as the CATALYSTS are Courageously Astute And Learned Investigators Seeking Truth and Safeguarding treasures. They are called upon by those needing help to search, rescue, protect and return ARTifacts to their rightful owners using their skills and expertise. Their headquarters is located within Catalyst Cabinet of Curiosities, and they travel by a ship known as The Green Flash. Solving mysteries and defeating their nemesis the INHIBITORS is what they do best!

Some members are known for their strength, power and agility and they make up our security team known as the ORCS. (Observant Resilient Custodian of Scholars) 


While other members are known for their expert knowledge and make up our scholarly team called the DORCS(Diligent Optimistic Resourceful Curious Scholar) But don't be fooled by their name, they are equally powerful in battle!

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Check out the Ship's Log page for more in-depth history and current adventures.

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