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Archie the Ichthyologist



Portrait Placeholder.png


Canadian Brown Bear (orc stats)


Barbearian (barbarian/druid)


Circle of the Moon


Current Level:

Sage (Researcher)



More coming soon!

Long ago, Archie was a simple brown bear roaming the lush forests and pristine rivers of the natural world. One fateful day, while exploring a hidden grove, he encountered a mystical pool infused with ancient druidic magic. As he drank from its waters, the pool's magical essence melded with his spirit, granting him sentience and an intrinsic connection to nature.

With his newfound intelligence and reverence for the natural world, Archie embarked on a personal quest to learn and understand the diverse ecosystems that surrounded him. As an ichthyologist, he became fascinated with the aquatic realms and developed a unique bond with a wise and talkative trout named Finley. Together, they formed an unbreakable friendship, united by their shared love for water and their quest to protect aquatic life.

Archie crossed paths with Captain Cornelius first as a natural bear, when Cornelius was on an expedition to an ancient underwater ruin. It was the Catalysts' endeavors that infused Archie's waters with the magic to awaken him. Captivated by Archie's newfound intellect and his ability to communicate with marine life, Captain Cornelius invited him to join the crew. Archie's expertise in preserving and restoring artifacts, particularly those submerged in water, made him an invaluable addition to the team.

Archie embodies a duality of nature. While his usual demeanor is gentle and serene, he harbors a hidden fury within. When provoked or when a righteous cause demands it, he taps into his innate barbarian instincts, transforming into a feral beast of immense power. In these moments, his primal rage fuels his physical abilities, granting him extraordinary strength and resilience.

Despite his wilder side, Archie remains rooted in his respect for all forms of life. He channels his anger towards defending the natural world and ensuring the survival of its inhabitants. His connection to nature allows him to commune with animals, understanding their needs and desires.

Archie's presence in the group is both a source of tranquility and a force to be reckoned with. He serves as a guide, offering insights into the natural world and a calming influence on his companions. When the situation calls for it, his unleashed rage and primal power become invaluable assets in the face of adversity.

As Archie accompanies Cornelius on his adventures, he is driven by his dual responsibilities as a protector of nature and a warrior of formidable strength. He seeks to strike a balance between the harmony of the natural world and the righteous fury necessary to defend it, forever ensuring that the delicate ecosystems thrive and the balance is preserved.

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