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Cyán the Alchemist



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Raccoon (tabaxi stats)






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Cyán, a French raccoon and master chef, joins the heroic party as a rogue. Hailing from the culinary capital of the raccoon kingdom, Cyán honed his skills in the art of gastronomy, creating delectable dishes that were praised far and wide. However, his insatiable curiosity led him to dabble in alchemy and chemistry, exploring the intersection of flavors and potions.

Known for his fastidious nature, Cyán is a germaphobe, taking great care to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in his surroundings. Despite his impeccable culinary talents, he developed an unfortunate habit of kleptomania. Drawn to shiny objects and rare ingredients, he couldn't resist the allure of taking things that caught his eye.

Driven by a desire to seek new culinary adventures and share his expertise, Cyán sets out on the campaign alongside the heroes, ready to use his cunning and culinary skills to aid the party.

Cyán first proved his worth to Captain Cornelius during a daring escapade where his chemical concoctions helped the crew overcome a perilous obstacle. Cyán's expertise in unlocking ancient mechanisms and his affinity for acquiring valuable artifacts made him an indispensable member of the team.

Cyán is a lively and eccentric character, blending his love for the culinary arts with his mischievous nature. He approaches life with a refined palate, constantly seeking new flavors and ingredients to elevate his culinary creations.

As a rogue, Cyán's nimble fingers and quick reflexes serve him well in both the kitchen and during daring escapades. His kleptomania, while often harmless, occasionally puts him in precarious situations, but his undeniable skills and resourcefulness help him navigate through them unscathed.

Cyán's germaphobic tendencies manifest as a cautious approach to the world around him. He meticulously cleans and sanitizes his cooking utensils and surroundings, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. His attention to detail and knowledge of chemistry provide him with unique insights, allowing him to concoct potions and mixtures that can be both beneficial and potentially dangerous.

While Cyán's love for food and all things culinary is evident, his true passion lies in the art of sharing. He takes immense joy in creating exquisite meals for his companions, using his culinary expertise to nourish their bodies and lift their spirits. His presence adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the group, as he always seeks to bring a touch of gourmet indulgence to their adventures.

As Cyán embarks on this campaign, his primary motivation is to discover rare ingredients and culinary inspirations. He uses his rogue skills to procure exotic spices and coveted artifacts that could enhance his cooking repertoire. Through his expertise in cooking, chemistry, and thievery, Cyán contributes to the group's success while satisfying his insatiable appetite for culinary exploration.

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