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Jay Stormbird the Meteorologist



Portrait Placeholder.png


Oversized Blue Jay (kenku stats)




Storm Sorcery


Current Level:

Sage (Researcher)



More coming soon!

Jay, an oversized blue jay with midnight-hued feathers, was raised amidst the enchanting beauty of the wild, where he developed a profound bond with the tempestuous skies and the untamed forces of nature. The power of storms became his muse, fueling his journey to become a storm sorcerer.

Jay's inability to fly stems from a mysterious occurrence in his past that left him with oversized wings that are too heavy for his body to support in flight. As a young blue jay, Jay eagerly practiced soaring through the skies, reveling in the freedom and exhilaration of flight. However, during an encounter with a powerful magical storm, a surge of unpredictable energy altered his physical form, burdening him with enlarged wings that rendered him grounded.

This transformation, while robbing Jay of his natural ability to take to the air, also bestowed upon him an unexpected gift. The enchantment infused within his wings amplified his connection to the storm, enhancing his innate sorcerous abilities. Although he yearns for the freedom of flight, Jay has come to accept his altered form and embrace the unique powers that accompany it.

Jay caught the attention of Captain Cornelius during a dramatic storm at sea, witnessing Jay's ability to command the elements and navigate through treacherous weather. Jay's expertise in reading celestial patterns and predicting weather phenomena became instrumental in guiding the crew's voyages.

Jay exudes an air of serene intensity, his piercing eyes reflecting the ever-shifting shades of the sky. He possesses a deep appreciation for the beauty and power of storms, finding solace in the moments when lightning pierces through the darkness and rain cleanses the world. Though introspective, he radiates a quiet confidence that speaks of his understanding of the forces that shape the world.

While Jay's demeanor may initially give off an edgy impression, beneath his enigmatic exterior lies a compassionate heart. He values the sanctity of life and seeks to protect those in need. He believes that every being has a place in the intricate tapestry of existence, and it is his duty to ensure that balance and harmony are preserved.

Jay's magical abilities manifest as gentle zephyrs that cool the scorching sun, or as a calming rain that revitalizes tired spirits. His command over the storm is tempered with compassion, using his powers to shelter his companions from harm and to inspire hope in the face of adversity. He is a beacon of calm amidst the chaos, providing guidance and counsel with a measured and insightful perspective.

As a keen observer of the skies, Jay's meteorological expertise aids the group in navigating treacherous terrain and predicting potential dangers. His knowledge of weather patterns and his understanding of the environment make him a valuable asset in their adventures. Jay's desire to protect the delicate balance of nature extends beyond combat, as he actively seeks ways to preserve and heal the lands they traverse.

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