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Lia the Physicist



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Lynx (tabaxi stats)






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Lia, a Lynx, fulfills the crucial role of ship technician and helmsman as an Artificer in the party. Raised in a family of skilled artisans, Lia developed a deep passion for the material world and the intricate mechanics that govern it. Her acrobatic nature and keen reflexes enable her to navigate any situation with finesse, always landing on her feet.

In Lia's family, there is an ongoing rivalry between her and her cousin Thera, the metaphysician. While Thera delves into the realm of magic and metaphysics, Lia stands firm as a staunch materialist. She thrives on tangible creations, mechanisms, and engineering feats, and finds herself frustrated by the abstract nature of magic.

Lia and Thera joined Captain Capra Cornelius's crew after their paths crossed during a cataclysmic convergence of magical energies. Lia and Thera found themselves caught in a swirling vortex of elemental forces. Together, they put aside their differences and harnessed their combined powers to stabilize the chaotic magic and prevent it from causing further destruction, impressing Captain Cornelius with their skill and potential.

Lia is a driven and pragmatic individual, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to understand the tangible world around her. Her expertise in mechanics, machinery, and practical applications of science makes her an invaluable asset to the party. She takes pride in her acrobatic skills, utilizing her agility to maneuver through challenges and land gracefully, even in the most precarious situations.

As a materialist, Lia approaches problems from a grounded perspective, relying on logic, experimentation, and tangible solutions. She prefers the reliability of gears, levers, and pulleys over the unpredictable nature of magic. Her frustration with magic and metaphysics often leads to spirited arguments and bickering with her cousin Thera, but deep down, there is a familial bond that keeps them connected.

Lia's role as the ship's technician and helmsman is crucial to the party's travels. Her understanding of mechanics and her ability to navigate through the intricacies of the ship's systems ensure the smooth operation of their vessel. She takes great pride in her craftsmanship, constantly improving and upgrading the ship's technology to maximize its efficiency.

While Lia may be skeptical of magic, she respects the abilities of her magical companions and acknowledges their worth in their shared adventures. Her expertise in the material world often complements their magical prowess, providing practical solutions to complement their mystical abilities.

In the face of challenges, Lia's practical nature and resourcefulness shine through. She approaches problems with a methodical and analytical mindset, relying on her mechanical expertise to overcome obstacles. Her dedication to the tangible world and her determination to find scientific explanations in the face of magic drive her forward, bringing a unique perspective and skill set to the heroic party.

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