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Mr. Brokko Badger the Geologist



Portrait Placeholder.png


Badger (hill dwarf stats)




Rune Knight


Current Level:

Guild Member



More coming soon!

Born and raised in underground realms, Brokko discovered a hidden chamber containing ancient magical runes that granted him extraordinary abilities. As he delved into his geological studies, he also honed his skills as a fighter, utilizing the power of the runes to enhance his combat prowess.

During his explorations, Brokko met and fell in love with Bernice, another remarkable badger. They formed a deep bond, supporting each other through their shared adventures and fostering a harmonious partnership. United in their determination to protect the natural world and those they care for, they now join the heroes of the campaign, using their unique skills to aid their companions.

Brokko and Bernice caught Captain Cornelius's attention when they successfully guided the Catalysts through a subterranean labyrinth dug by a colony of ankhegs. Impressed by their combined expertise in earth sciences and their dedication to studying the natural world, Captain Cornelius invited them to join the crew. Brokko's knowledge of geological formations and Bernice's understanding of insect behavior provided unique insights in retrieving artifacts and understanding the civilizations that created them.

Brokko is a badger of few words but unwavering loyalty and determination. He possesses a calm and patient demeanor, always seeking to understand the world around him with a geologist's meticulous eye. His love for the earth and its hidden treasures fuels his thirst for knowledge and discovery.

Despite his small stature, Brokko is a formidable fighter. He combines his natural badger ferocity with the ancient magical runes he discovered, allowing him to enhance his combat skills and unleash powerful attacks. He fights with precision and strategy, always calculating the best course of action to overcome any obstacle.

Brokko's dedication to his role as a geologist extends beyond his personal interests. He recognizes the importance of preserving the natural world and maintaining the delicate balance of its geological wonders. He reveres the forces of nature and strives to protect and honor them in all his actions.

In his partnership with Bernice, Brokko finds strength and companionship. They share a deep bond, supporting and relying on each other both in and out of battle. Bernice's unwavering support and understanding provide Brokko with the grounding and stability he needs to excel.

Brokko's presence is a source of reassurance and dependability for his companions. He approaches every challenge with a measured approach, analyzing the situation and offering strategic advice. Although he may not be the most vocal, his actions speak volumes, demonstrating his unwavering loyalty and commitment to the group's success.

As Brokko embarks on this campaign, his primary motivation is to protect the natural world and the balance of its geological wonders. He utilizes his magical runes to bolster his combat abilities, ensuring that both he and his companions can face any danger that comes their way. Together with Bernice, he stands as a steadfast guardian, ready to defend the natural world and those he holds dear.

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