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Mrs. Bernice Badger the Entomologist



Portrait Placeholder.png


Badger (hill dwarf stats)






Current Level:

Sage (researcher)



More coming soon!

Bernice, a badger and devoted entomologist, brings her expertise in the study of insects and natural magic to the heroic party. Growing up in the verdant woodlands, Bernice developed an extraordinary connection with the insect world. Through her keen observation and innate magical abilities, she discovered the secrets of harnessing natural forces and communicating with her insect companions.

During her travels, Bernice encountered Brokko, a skilled geologist and kindred spirit who shared her love for the natural world. Their mutual admiration for each other's unique passions blossomed into a deep and enduring love. United by their commitment to protecting nature's delicate balance, Bernice and Brokko now embark on thrilling adventures alongside their fellow heroes, using their combined skills to overcome challenges.

Brokko and Bernice caught Captain Cornelius's attention when they successfully guided the Catalysts through a subterranean labyrinth dug by a colony of ankhegs. Impressed by their combined expertise in earth sciences and their dedication to studying the natural world, Captain Cornelius invited them to join the crew. Brokko's knowledge of geological formations and Bernice's understanding of insect behavior provided unique insights in retrieving artifacts and understanding the civilizations that created them.

Bernice exudes a sense of wonder and curiosity, always eager to explore the intricate world of insects and uncover their hidden marvels. She possesses a deep empathy for all creatures, big and small, and cherishes the delicate interconnectedness of the natural world. Her entomological knowledge is vast, enabling her to discern the characteristics and behaviors of a wide array of insects.

As an entomologist, Bernice wields the power of natural magic, drawing on the primal forces of the earth and its creatures. She uses her spells to channel the energy of the environment, manipulating flora and fauna to aid her companions in their adventures. Bernice's affinity for insects allows her to summon and command a swarm of loyal critters, using their combined strength to protect and support her allies.

Bernice's partnership with Brokko is a source of strength and stability. They share a profound bond, united by their commitment to safeguarding the natural world. Bernice's calming presence complements Brokko's determination, and together they form an unbreakable team. Their shared experiences and deep understanding of each other's strengths make them a formidable force on the battlefield.

With her enchanting personality and gentle demeanor, Bernice forms connections with both people and creatures alike. She approaches conflicts with a pragmatic yet compassionate outlook, always seeking the most peaceful resolution when possible. Bernice values open communication, often advocating for understanding and empathy in the face of adversity.

As Bernice embarks on this campaign, her primary motivation is to protect the delicate balance of nature and ensure the well-being of the insect kingdom. She utilizes her natural magic and swarm of insects to aid her companions, offering healing, reconnaissance, and a powerful offensive presence. Together with Brokko, Bernice stands as a stalwart defender of nature, using her entomological expertise and magical prowess to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

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