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Thera the Metaphysician



Portrait Placeholder.png


Snow Leopard (tabaxi stats)




School of Divination


Current Level:

Cloistered Scholar



More coming soon!

Thera, a Snow Leopard, is a powerful wizard who specializes in divination and oracle practices. From a young age, Thera exhibited a deep connection to the mystical arts, showing an uncanny ability to glimpse into the future and unravel hidden truths. Her affinity for the metaphysical world led her down the path of a metaphysician, delving into the mysteries and secrets that magic holds.

Born into a family of artisans and engineers, Thera found herself in constant rivalry with her cousin Lia, the materialist and ship technician. While Lia excelled in the realm of mechanics and practicality, Thera immersed herself in the arcane arts, immersing herself in ancient tomes and honing her skills as a diviner. Though their disagreements often manifest as bickering, the bond between the two remains strong.

Lia and Thera joined Captain Capra Cornelius's crew after their paths crossed during a cataclysmic convergence of magical energies. Lia and Thera found themselves caught in a swirling vortex of elemental forces. Together, they put aside their differences and harnessed their combined powers to stabilize the chaotic magic and prevent it from causing further destruction, impressing Captain Cornelius with their skill and potential.

Thera is a mystical and enigmatic individual, shrouded in an aura of mystery. Her ethereal presence and deep knowledge of the metaphysical world make her a captivating and intriguing character. She carries a crystal ball, a cherished tool of divination, through which she peers into the depths of time and space, seeking glimpses of the future and unraveling hidden truths.

Devoted to the study of magic, Thera approaches life with a sense of wonder and reverence. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she is always eager to explore the depths of magical knowledge. Her role as a diviner and oracle allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance to the party, utilizing her clairvoyant abilities to help navigate the complexities of their adventures.

While Thera is often immersed in the realm of magic, she appreciates the practicality and craftsmanship of her cousin, Lia. Their contrasting perspectives often lead to conflicts and teasing, but deep down, Thera values their bond and recognizes the complementary nature of their skills.

As a wizard, Thera's primary focus is on divination and unraveling the threads of fate. She embraces her role as a conduit between the material and metaphysical worlds, using her powers to seek answers, uncover secrets, and anticipate dangers. Her insights and ability to glimpse into the future provide the party with valuable foresight and strategic advantages.

Thera's devotion to magic extends beyond her own studies, as she seeks to share her knowledge and inspire others to embrace the mystical arts. Her mysterious persona and otherworldly presence captivate those around her, often leaving them in awe or with a sense of curiosity about the mystical forces at play.

With her crystal ball in hand and her mystical prowess at the ready, Thera brings an air of intrigue and the promise of hidden knowledge to the heroic party. Her divination skills, combined with her playful interactions with Lia, add depth and an element of wonder to their adventures, making her an essential and compelling member of the group.

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