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Titi the Dendrologist



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Cotton-Top Tamarin (human variant stats)




Way of the Shadows


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Titi, a Cotton Headed Tamarin monkey, is a disciplined monk who finds solace in the peaceful solitude of the ship's crow's nest. Raised in a sacred monastery nestled deep within the forest, Titi developed a profound connection to nature and the intricate balance of the natural world. His keen observation skills and nimble movements allow him to navigate treetops and heights with grace and precision.

As a young monkey, Titi's affinity for trees and the study of trees, known as dendrology, blossomed. He dedicated himself to understanding the various species, their properties, and their significance in the natural ecosystem. With his profound knowledge of trees, Titi brings an invaluable expertise to the party's adventures.

Titi embodies the calm and centered nature of a monk. His disciplined lifestyle and devotion to his craft make him a stoic and focused individual. He finds tranquility and a sense of purpose in the solitude of the crow's nest, where he can observe his surroundings with keen eyes and heighten his connection to the natural world.

High above the ground, Titi feels at home. His natural agility and light-footedness allow him to move stealthily, almost blending into the branches and foliage around him. With a keen eye for detail and acute senses, Titi is always aware of his surroundings, spotting even the most subtle movements or hidden threats.

Titi's role as a dendrologist adds a unique dimension to the party. His deep understanding of trees and their properties aids the group in navigating unknown territories, identifying useful resources, and harnessing the power of nature to their advantage. He knows which trees can provide shelter, medicinal properties, or even aid in crafting useful items.

Titi captured Captain Cornelius's interest with his unmatched agility and knowledge of plant life. Witnessing Titi's ability to scale trees effortlessly and his deep reverence for the natural world, Captain Cornelius offered him a place on the crew. Titi's stealthy nature, combat skills, and botanical expertise added a unique dimension to the crew's abilities.

While reserved by nature, Titi is a kind and gentle soul. He values the harmony of the natural world and seeks to preserve and protect it. His calm demeanor and ability to find inner peace make him a reliable source of support for his companions, offering guidance and a steady presence amidst the chaos of their adventures.

As a monk, Titi wields his physical abilities with grace and precision. His unarmed strikes are swift and powerful, reflecting the training he received in the monastery. He embraces martial arts as a means of self-discipline, channeling his inner strength and focusing his energy to overcome challenges.

Titi's profound connection to nature, his observation skills, and his mastery of martial arts make him an essential member of the heroic party. Whether he's silently perched in the crow's nest, ready to spot danger from afar, or using his agility and combat prowess in close-quarter battles, Titi's presence brings balance and harmony to the group's endeavors.

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