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Coming in October

Each game is scheduled for 6-9pm but can go over so we've added an extra hour on the calendar

Combined Session 0 for both groups on June 6th at 6:00pm 

The Voyage of the Green Flash

Level 5 for experienced players

In a world where ancient artifacts hold unimaginable power, our legendary Captain Capra Cornelius and his extraordinary crew embark on an epic quest. Join the company of Cornelius’s CATALYSTS as they sail through uncharted seas, long before they created their cabinet of curiosities. You’ll strive to return a valuable gemstone of the long lost Valtari civilization, but beware, for legions of undead, grave robbers, and primordial forces stand between you and your mission. Explore forgotten ruins, fight injustice, and uncover the secrets of the world alongside a crew that will become your family. Will you answer the call and join the ranks of Captain Cornelius's CATALYSTS?

Written and GM'd by

Zachary Hasbany

6-week mini campaign 
$165 per person


It is finally here, our first of many seasons called The Voyage of the Green Flash! Help us build the world of the CATALYSTS  as they battle the INHIBITORS in a game we lovingly call ORCS and DORCS.

CATALYSTS = Courageous And Thoroughly Astute Learned Investigators Seeking Truth and Safeguarding treasures

INHIBITORS = International Network of High-Income Business Investors and Trading Organizations with Ruthless Strategies

DORCS = Diligent, Optimistic, Resourceful, Curious, Scholar

ORCS = Observant, Resilient, Custodian of Scholars

The 3D animal portraits decorating the walls of Catalyst Cabinet of Curiosities now have character sheets and are ready for their first guild adventure! They are experts and scholars (known as DORCS) who will be joined by their bodyguards (known as ORCS). For this campaign you can choose to be a DORCS or an ORCS by choosing one of the characters we have made, or you can choose to make your own scholar or bodyguard guild member character following guidelines we will email to you. There will be a place to mark your character choice at checkout. Preferably this would be a character that has a copy that stays with Catalyst and will be open to other players if/when you don't want to play as that character. Scroll down to see the list of characters available for this campaign and note the names of your first and second choices to fill in the boxes at checkout. You can click the character name to see their full character profile including their backstory, career highlights, and character sheet.

This will be a level 5 game (no leveling up) and we have 2 choices for character sheets: 
#1 - on an electronic device that you provide and connects to the internet (computer, tablet, or phone). This could be especially helpful if you want to play a spellcaster as managing spell lists and slots on paper can be tedious, but certainly doable if you prefer. We will do final character selection and distribute the DnDBeyond link during session 0
#2 - We can provide a printed character sheet and spell cards to organize spells.

We will also provide dice and trays, but you are also welcome to bring your own too. We will be using mostly XL scale minis (2"= 5ft). If you choose one of our characters we will have a mini ready for you to paint during our session 0, and if you make your own character you can send us an .stl file and we will 3D print it for you and have it ready for you to paint during session 0. Again, this would be a mini that stays with Catalyst after this campaign, but we can make another copy for you if you'd like. (No problem if you don't want to paint your mini, it can stay plain or one of our volunteers can do it for you)

Light snacks and drinks are also provided.

A note on safety tools

Role playing games can present challenging topics or situations. This is an adult only game and we expect adult themes and situations to come up during play, though we never allow sexual assault by characters or NPCs (or by any humans in the room at Catalyst for that matter). Please let us know if you have any subject sensitivities during checkout. We have never had any harmful situations and don't anticipate having any for this game, but we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable, creating a more joyful experience for everyone! In the unlikely event that you feel uncomfortable with a situation in the game, we will also implement the "X card" safety tool at the table. Flash it anytime and the story will fade to black with no questions. After the game, you can share with Jessica or the game master any specifics that could help us prevent the situation in the future, and in any format that you are comfortable sharing (in person, email, etc.)

Diligent Optimistic Resourceful Curious Scholars (DORCS)

Click the character name below to see all their full character profile including backstory, career highlights, and character sheet

Archie the Ichthyologist
Canadian Brown Bear (orc stats)
Barbearian (barbarian/druid)
Circle of the Moon
Sage (Researcher)
Bennie the Cryptozoologist/Vet
Bengal Foxalope (stout halfling)
Life Domain
Carl the Sociologist
Caribou (hobgoblin stats)
Knowledge Domain
Cloistered Scholar
Cecelia the Botanist
Fruit Bat (fairy stats)
Circle of Forest
Far Traveler
Cyán the Alchemist
Raccoon (tabaxi stats)
Father Time the Historian
House Mouse (custom lineage)
The Great Old One
Cloistered Scholar
Jay Stormbird the Meteorologist
Oversized Blue Jay (kenku stats)
Storm Sorcery
Sage (Researcher)
L. the Anthropologist/Archeologist
African Elephant (loxodon stats)
Lia the Physicist
Lynx (tabaxi stats)
Mildred Pede the Mycologist
Millipede (forest gnome stats)
Circle of Spores
Mr. Brokko Badger the Geologist
Badger (hill dwarf stats)
Rune Knight
Guild Member
Mrs. Bernice Badger the Entomologist
Badger (hill dwarf stats)
Sage (researcher)
Thera the Metaphysician
Snow Leopard (tabaxi stats)
School of Divination
Cloistered Scholar
Titi the Dendrologist
Cotton-Top Tamarin (human variant stats)
Way of the Shadows

Observant Resilient Custodians of Scholars (ORCS)

Aruuk Ironhorn the Ancestral Shield
Wild Yak (goliath stats)
Path of the Ancestral Guardian
Far Traveler
Clyde the Loyal Defender
Rhino (orc stats)
Oath of the Crown
Grendy the Guardian
Gorilla (orc stats)
Oath of Redemption
Faction Agent
Masai the Stumbling Striker
Giraffe (bugbear stats)
Way of Drunken Master
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