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Drinks and Dragons: Ink and Intrigue

Level 6 for experienced players

August 19, 2023 at 1:00:00 AM

While he was presenting his research at a conference, Victor the Geneticist's briefcase full of research notes was stolen from his hotel room. The rest of the scholars have gathered and the investigation has begun. Who stole it and where did they go? We must get it back before it falls into the wrong hands -- it's a heist!

Sign ups close 24 hours before the game starts


Set in our homebrewed world of anthropomorphic animals headquartered at Catalyst Cabinet of Curiosities, we like to play a fun-first style game we lovingly call ORCS and DORCS. We use the D&D rules and heavily re-flavored races and classes.


This game is for experienced players as there will not be a tutorial. You don't have to have played level 6 before, just that you know which dice to use when, understand how to make skill checks, saving throws and add modifiers to attacks. If you have any questions about your qualifications, feel free to send us an email. 


We begin at 6pm and the game is expected to go to 9:00 but can go overtime (so we have added an extra 30mins on the calendar just in case). This is an ages 21+ event with drinks and light snacks provided. All you need to bring is yourself (and a tablet if you want to play digitally)! We provide dice, trays, minis, characters and their sheets. You are welcome to bring your own dice and trays if preferred.


If you want to get a head start on learning about the characters for this game, you can find them below. You are always welcome to re-flavor characters including name and gender. To facilitate role play, each character is partnered with another character -- usually an orc with a dorc -- that you can play into as much or as little as you'd like. And of course, we always encourage role play with all the other characters too. If you come with a friend you two can choose partnered characters if you'd like, but you don't have to. Character selection will be made in person once everyone arrives. If you have a favorite you'd like to request, note the name and let us know on the registration form at checkout. We will do our best to give everyone what they want and we will have a roll off in the case of 2 people requesting the same character. We will have digital sheets available on dndBeyond as well as printed copies of the custom sheets below.

A note on safety tools

Role playing games can present challenging topics or situations. This is an adult only game and we expect adult themes and situations to come up during play, though we never allow sexual assault by characters or NPCs (or by any players in the room). Please let us know if you have any subject sensitivities during checkout. We have never had any harmful situations and don't anticipate having any for this game, but we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable, creating a more joyful experience for everyone! In the unlikely event that you feel uncomfortable with a situation in the game, we will also implement the "X card" safety tool at the table. Flash it anytime and the story will fade to black with no questions. After the game, you can share with Jessica or the game master any specifics that could help us prevent the situation in the future, and in any format that you are comfortable sharing (in person, email, etc.). 


(Please note: a reservation is required for each player as we only have room for 6 players and 6 characters prepared. If you would like to add a player to your reservation, please contact us to make sure there is room)

Character Sheets Coming Soon!

Sign ups close 24 hours before the game starts


Each of these Courageous And Thoroughly Astute Learned Investigators Seeking Truth and Safeguarding treasures (CATALYSTS) has pledged to search, rescue, protect and return treasured ARTifacts using their skills and expertise. Some are scholars (but still badass in battle!), and some are strongly built, specialized security forces.

Observant Resilient Custodian of Scholars

These characters have high AC, constitution and hit points and are often melee specialists dedicated to protecting the party with their bodies. Great for anyone who just wants to smash stuff! 

The security team! 


Diligent Optimistic Resourceful Scholar

These characters are usually intelligence or wisdom based users of magic, flavored as a scholarly area of expertise. They tend to be more role-play heavy and often have knowledge the player will be prompted to share with the party (provided on a handout at the start of the game). The one-shot games are often designed around one of the scholars as a main character.

The Scholars! 


Below you will find the list of characters available for this game. Click their name to see more details like their backstory and character sheets, plus tips for playing the character. 

Victor the Geneticsist
Hare (Harengon stats)
College of Glamor
Scirus the Silent
Squirrel (halfling stats)
Pronounced like Cyrus
Brad the Biologist
Sloth (Firbolg stats)
Nature Domain
Ember the Brave
Red Panda (goblin stats)
Battle Master
Lia the Physicist
Lynx (Tabaxi stats)
Thera the Metaphysicsian
Snow Leopard (Tabaxi stats)

We will have the option to use our custom printed character sheets, or you can play digitally using Be sure to bring your tablet or phone if you'd like to play digitally. 

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