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Predesigned Adventures

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Countryside Road



A Song of Scent and Swarm

Level 6 for experienced players

The small village of Lagras has been beset by swarms of insects behaving erratically. Eating livestock and crops alike, this village is in dire need of some assistance. The Catalysts are being called to bare the heat of the jungle, and the monsters and beasts that inhabit it to save this village and get to the bottom of why these crazy carapaced critters are causing so much chaos!


Mrs. Bernice Badger the Entomologist

Badger (dwarf stats)





Growing up on the outskirts of town Bernice never felt like she fit in and sought solace deeper in the forest where she developed an extraordinary connection with insects. In college she pursued a degree in entomology where she was top of her class thanks to her elaborate gardens that served as her personal laboratories, allowing her to observe insect behavior up close in their natural habitats. There she developed her perception and animal handling skills, and discovered how to recreate the poison of various bugs. She developed a reputation as a gifted entomologist and Captain Cornelius sought her help to identify some specimens from a recent expedition. He was so impressed with her work he formally asked her to join the CATALYSTS which she enthusiastically accepted, feeling like she finally found a place she fit in. For this voyage she is paired with Mefisto de Moleta the Skunk-Quistador who she doesn't know well, and really hopes he isn't overly chivalrous -- her biggest pet peeve!

Mefisto de Moleta the Skunk-quistador

Skunk (dwarf stats)





Mefisto de Moleta the Skunk-Quistador is a captivating and charismatic adventurer who embodies a twist of charm and chivalry, which he exudes on and off the battlefield. With his dashing looks and impeccable manners, he carries himself with an air of elegance wherever he goes. Armed with a rapier and a quick wit, Mefisto is always prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead, often the first to jump into the fray. With precision attacks while darting in and out of the fight to avoid taking a beating, he is a nimble duelist with mastery of acrobatics and sleight of hand allowing him to pull off marvelous stunts that dazzle with a magical flourish. Mefisto also has a potent secret weapon: his skunk spray, which he uses to make intimidating threats with – all with a smile of course. Mefisto joined the CATALYSTS for the allure of thrilling escapades and daring missions while fulfilling his childhood dream of being a sword for hire. No longer wielding swords made from twigs and fighting imaginary foes, today he gets to be a real gentleman using real weapons to protect those who really need it most! To his partner for this adventure, Bernice the Entomologist, he pledges to be the most chivalrous guardian she’s ever had!

Cecilia the Botanist

Flying Fox Fruit Bat (fairy stats)




Circle of Grassland

Cecilia is a seasoned scholar who joined the CATALYSTS with her childhood friend Varana, and together they hope to get revenge on the INHIBITORS who decimated their homeland. Cecilia is a gentle but determined druid, guided by her insatiable curiosity and love for plants and the natural world. She values compassion, empathy, and understanding, seeking peaceful resolutions whenever possible, but will never back down in a fight. To keep Cecilia safe, Varana has made a special armor out of her Komodo Dragon scales which Cecilia wears with pride. When faced with challenges, she relies on her druidic magic including transforming into an Ibex resembling the Captain Cornelius to aid her allies and thwart her enemies. While she possesses an extensive wisdom and knowledge of plants and their properties, she sometimes struggles with feelings of self-doubt.

Varana Ironscales the Ancient Protector

Komodo Dragon (dragonborn stats)




Oath of the Ancients

Everything Varana does, she does with gusto! She lives her sacred oath to kindle the light, to be the light, to shelter the light in this world, and defeat the dark forces that threaten to swallow it. It is this oath that brings her to join the CATALYSTS as an indomitable force of protection for the members and their mission. She has a strong and intimidating presence, terrifying breath weapon and roar, strong armor and powerful sword that she uses to smite those who try to bring darkness. She throws herself into harms way when an ally is attacked no matter the cost. She is able to channel primeval forces to ensnare a foe with vines, and utter words powerful enough to turn the faithless, especially the INHIBITORS. Those that are close to her, know Varana is a deep well of love, especially for her friend and fellow member Cecelia, for whom she made special scale mail armor from her Komodo Dragon Scales.

Joey Kangaroo the Champion Fighter

Kangaroo (bugbear stats)





A devastating wildfire sparked by the INHIBITORS tore Joey Kangaroo's life apart as he lost his home and was cruelly separated from his beloved family. Left to fend for himself on the unforgiving streets, he was thrust into a brutal fight for survival, where desperation and fear became his constant companions. But amidst the harshness of his existence, Joey stumbled upon a shocking revelation: his raw and untamed anger could be harnessed through competitive fighting. His newfound prowess drew the attention of the CATALYSTS when some of their members were performing at the same event. Driven by the hope of finding his lost family and seeking redemption for the destruction he had caused, Joey took the invitation and joined the CATALYSTS' security team. He continued to compete during downtime where he met Dr. Coco Fuzzington, the ringside doctor that stitched him up during a particularly intense match. They became fast friends and Coco also joined the CATALYSTS too. They partner up on missions as often as possible and Joey has found the deep scars etched upon his soul have begun to soften thanks to her friendship.

Dr. Coco Fuzzington the Veterinarian

Capybara (hobgoblin stats)




Life Domain

Growing up in a quaint countryside village, she spent her days surrounded by a myriad of creatures, forging unbreakable bonds with every furry, feathered, and scaly friend that crossed her path. She is able to communicate with animals who love her friendly and engaging nature. Her insight and investigative skills make her a gifted healer, naturally leading her to pursue a career in zoology and veterinary medicine. One of her first jobs after graduating from vet school was serving as the ringside doctor at a boxing match where she administered seemingly magical aid to the star, Joey Kangaroo, and they became fast friends. Joey, already a member of the CATALYSTS encouraged Coco to join, which she did with no hesitation as their missions aligned. Despite her deep knowledge of all living creatures, she has a tendency to confuse common names of many species (including her own!), using amusingly incorrect and invented names instead. Even when she encounters her most hated enemies, the INHIBITORS, she doesn't lose her charming whimsy and calls them "Repugnant Water Splashers."

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