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Predesigned Adventures

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Countryside Road



Breath of the Mossy Grove

Level 1-2: New and experienced players welcome

In the vast expanse of the Azure Ocean, the CATALYSTS are sailing aboard their majestic ship, the Green Flash. As they navigate the open waters, they suddenly find themselves engulfed in a tempestuous storm. Seeking shelter, they arrive at an uncharted island, a haven amidst the turbulent waters. However, the island holds more than just temporary respite. Ancient ruins, enigmatic energies, and a nefarious presence await their arrival.


Thera the Metaphysician

Snow Leopard (tabaxi stats)




School of Divination

Born with a deep connection to the divine, Thera pursued the arcane arts in school where she learned all things magic and its interaction with history, religion and nature. She dove so deep in her studies she soon found glimpses of the future pressing in on her awareness. Her studies have made her skilled in investigation, especially magical mysteries, which has caught the attention of the CATALYSTS who have recruited her to help with their noble mission. She agreed to join hoping to gain more real-world knowledge about magic around the world, and only if her friend and protector Luna be allowed to join too. Thera can be found with her nose in a book or indulging in her vice of amusingly swatting things off surfaces.

Luna the Arcane Archer

Snowy Owl (aarakocra stats)




Arcane Archer

Luna joins the team as an arcane archer with a seeking arrow, a skill she learned from her best friend Thera who has brought her on this adventure. Luna is a natural acrobat and stealthy, skills she uses to expertly strike her foes. Having grown up in the forest, Luna possesses innate survival instincts and a remarkable affinity for handling animals. Motivated by her love for nature, Luna is driven to protect it from the tyranny of those who seek to exploit and harm it. She is looking forward to further enhancing her archery skills and desperately hoping no one discovers her secret: she is afraid of the dark because – despite being an owl, she does not have darkvision.

Cecilia the Botanist

Flying Fox Fruit Bat (fairy stats)




Circle of Grassland

Cecilia has recently joined the CATALYSTS with her childhood friend Rudi, and together they hope to get revenge on the INHIBITORS who decimated their homeland. Cecilia is a gentle but determined druid, guided by her insatiable curiosity and love for plants and the natural world. She values compassion, empathy, and understanding, seeking peaceful resolutions whenever possible, but will never back down in a fight. When faced with challenges, she relies on her druidic magic including transforming into a gorilla to aid her allies and thwart her enemies. While she possesses an extensive wisdom and knowledge of plants and their properties, she sometimes struggles with feelings of self-doubt.

Rudi the Ranger

Tree Gecko (lizardfolk stats)





Rudi, a new member of the CATALYSTS, joined the organization alongside his childhood friend Cecelia. With his arboreal background, Rudi possesses a remarkable talent for concealing himself, particularly in trees and foliage. A superior hunter and adept at throwing weapons, he showcases exceptional dexterity and strength. Rudi also possesses the ability to heal wounds, a skill that proves invaluable in the field. Motivated by a burning desire for revenge against the INHIBITORS who decimated his home, Rudi's thirst for vengeance can occasionally drive him to recklessness.

L. the Archaeologist






L. is a delightful paradox of scholarly wisdom and mischievous playfulness. Their erudite demeanor and boundless intellect are tempered by a mischievous spirit that loves nothing more than engaging in harmless pranks and whimsical antics. L. finds joy in the discovery of new knowledge but is equally thrilled by adventure and the unexpected twists that life presents. Despite their mischievous tendencies, L. is a respected scholar and a reliable ally who has been called upon to help investigate the newly discovered temple. For this, their first mission, they have been paired with Grendy, a friend from home.

Grendy the Guadian

Gorilla (orc stats)




Oath of Redemption

Grendy lived a rough and tumble life that caused harm to his community. Everyone thought he was unredeemable until the goddess Solstice touched him with a beam of light filling him with hope and guidance, inspiring him to do good in the world. He has joined the CATALYSTS to do just that. Grendy uses his strong, intimidating body to protect the team and intercept attacks, while using his divine powers instilled in him by Solstice to smite enemies and heal allies. For his first mission, he has been partnered with L. the archeologist, his friend from home, who can be a bit of a prankster, and the captain wants Grendy to keep an eye on them.

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