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Predesigned Adventures

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Countryside Road



Ink and Intrigue

Level 6 for experienced players

While he was presenting his research at a conference, Victor the Geneticist's briefcase full of research notes was stolen from his hotel room. The rest of the scholars have gathered and the investigation has begun. Who stole it and where did they go? We must get it back before it falls into the wrong hands -- it's a heist!


Victor the Geneticist

Hare (harengon stats)




College of Glamour

Equally adept in science and entertainment, this most dapper bard is a charismatic force, radiating charm and inspiration wherever he goes. His fiddle's melody has the power to heal and captivate hearts, as he seamlessly weaves acrobatics into his enthralling performances while dazzling audiences. Such is his allure that discerning truth from his tales becomes a challenge. Women find his amorous adventures irresistible, producing a multitude of offspring scattered across the land. Getting to know all his children sparked a deep curiosity about genetics which he pursued in school. His vast progeny offers a unique vantage point for genetic exploration, giving him advantageous insights beyond those of his colleagues, leading to pioneering scientific breakthroughs. It is important to him that genetic research is only used for good, so he joined The CATALYSTS with their aligning mission. Victor is accompanied by Scirus, who often hides under Victor's hat in an amusing reverse rabbit and hat trick. Victor exudes effortless charm, and would be mortified if anyone ever found out how much effort he actually puts into his appearance!

Scirus the Silent

Tree Squirrel (halfling stats)





Scirus the Silent is a complex figure, his path poised on a precipice between darkness and redemption. Possessing the skills of a skilled thief, he teetered on the edge of a life of crime that could have inflicted harm upon others. However, fate intervened in the form of the enigmatic CATALYSTS where he puts his skills to a noble cause utilizing his investigative prowess, nimble fingers, and mastery of thieves' tools to reclaim stolen treasures. His every movement is a dance of dexterity, deception, stealth and luck, is an artistry shaped by his alert perceptions and investigations. He loves his job and colleagues but he isn't always forthcoming with them, especially about his secret indulgence—a penchant for hoarding food. Caution is advised for those who dare open his cupboards, for Scirus's fervor for food may come tumbling out. Scirus can often be found hiding under Victor's hat.

Lia the Physicist

Lynx (tabaxi stats)





Growing up in a family of artisans, Lia developed a passion for the material world. Full of boundless curiosity she was always tinkering and experimenting as a kid, there was no doubt she would pursue physics and engineering in school. She loved learning about history and nature, specifically how it could be applied to engineering, like in her favorite class, biomimicry. Her studies helped her develop her perception and investigative skills that make her an exceptional inventor and problem solver today. She prefers tangible means like gears, levers, and pulleys and is notorious for overcomplicating solutions (i.e. Rube Goldberg machines). She is often frustrated with magic and metaphysics since she knows it is really science we don't understand yet, which often leads to spirited arguments and bickering with her cousin Thera the Metaphysician. But deep down, they have a tight bond and will do anything for each other. Lia is proud to join the CATALYSTS to put her inventions to good use and make the world a better place.

Thera the Metaphysician

Snow Leopard (tabaxi stats)




School of Divination

Born into seclusion deep in the mountains Thera has always had a mysterious way about her, and a connection to the divine. Thera pursued the arcane arts in school where she learned all things magic and its interaction with history, religion and nature. Her studies have made her skilled in perception and investigation, but she is still working on her social skills. She dove so deep in her studies she soon found glimpses of the future pressing in on her awareness and seems to have psychic abilities, which does not help with the social awkwardness. Her cousin Lia argues Thera's clairvoyant tendencies are natural in origin, but Thera is convinced it is supernatural and the two constantly bicker about it, though they do have a deep love for each other. Thera loves solving mysteries and can be found with her nose in a book or indulging in her vice of amusingly swatting things off surfaces.

Brad the Biologist

Sloth (firbolg stats)




Nature Domain

Having grown up in the jungle, Brad finds solace in the subtle rhythms of nature, which lead him to pursue biology in school where he learned about the medicinal uses of plants and honed his survival skills. The scientific method trained him to gather data in an investigative way and develop useful insights. In his work, Brad immerses himself in the environment, an observer unparalleled, capturing the nuances that evade others and allowing the secrets of nature to unfold before him. Serenity is his forte; his demeanor never disturbed by the storms of anger. He does not like conflict, but he also won't run from it, opting to help however he can. To Brad, harmony is the essence of beauty, where voices and actions harmonize in a shared purpose. He finds the cause of the CATALYSTS to be a thing of beauty and he is proud to join and help. His optimism is steadfast, believing in the inherent goodness of people until proven otherwise, sometimes to the point of naivete. Brad has been paired with Ember, a good friend who carved his favorite branches into weapons, and who will make sure he won't get himself in trouble.

Ember the Brave

Red Panda (goblin stats)




Battle Master

Ember the Brave, a renowned folk hero, epitomizes courage and combat prowess with her superior training and precision. Her sense of justice is unyielding; the weight of tyranny sits heavily on her heart, urging her to dismantle oppression and uplift the oppressed. A defender of the defenseless, she uses her battle master maneuvers to take down obstacles in her way and dole out particularly damaging wounds to anyone who threatens her friends. She has a fiery spirit, is nimble, fast and fierce, armed with a particularly menacing and intimidating stance. She is known for speaking bluntly -- positive or negative; you always know what Ember thinks and how she feels. She is confident in her skills and never hesitates, inspiring those around her to take action. She only has one weakness: an allergy to cats. In her downtime she enjoys woodworking, especially making weapons for her friend Brad the Biologist, using his favorite branches.

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