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Predesigned Adventures

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Countryside Road



Millie is Missing!

Level 2 for first time players

The Catalysts have received a distress call from the partner of a missing mycologist named Millie. She and her truffle pig companion, Porkobella, along with her research assistant, Ruth, went to study a legendary healing fungi deep within a cavern nestled in a dense forest. They have since gone radio silent. Captain Cornelius sent scouts that found the assistant dead with an arrow in her back. Unprepared for battle, they returned to the ship and Cornelius has put together this battle-ready team to search and rescue Millie and Porkobella. Hurry!


Luna the Arcane Archer

Snowy Owl (aarakocra stats)




Arcane Archer

Luna joins the team as an arcane archer with a seeking arrow, a skill she learned from her best friend from home, Thera the wizard. Luna is a natural acrobat and stealthy, skills she uses to expertly strike her foes. Having grown up in the forest, Luna possesses innate survival instincts and a remarkable affinity for handling animals. Motivated by her love for nature, Luna is driven to protect it from the tyranny of those who seek to exploit and harm it. She is looking forward to further enhancing her archery skills and desperately hoping no one discovers her secret: despite being an owl, she does not have darkvision and is scared of the dark. Thankfully her friend Elektra built a brilliant light into her shield for this mission!

Elektra the Engineer

Hedgehog (goblin stats)





Elektra is a humble and talented engineer, constantly tinkering and creating new things, especially things to aid her colleagues, like her friend Luna who is secretly scared of the dark. Feeling honored Luna shared the secret with her, Elektra built a brilliant light into her shield in preparation for this mission together. For Elektra, the CATALYSTS are more than an organization; they are a kinship of kindred spirits, sharing her rejection of ambitious greed in the world. Though she is empathic, and perhaps to a fault, she stands unwaveringly ready to defend any of her fellow members!

Aruuk Ironhorn the Ancestral Guardian

Wild Yak (goliath stats)




Path of the Ancestors

Aruuk Ironhorn, the fearless and intimidating warrior from the mountains, serves as a beacon of strength and protection for his allies. This is his first mission with the CATALYSTS since they rescued him from the INHIBITORS lab where he was being held captive, and he wants to prove his worth. He is quite skilled in history and has a deep connection with his ancestors which strengthens his resolve. Despite his idiosyncratic perspectives on personal space, food, and emotions, his unwavering devotion makes him a great teammate as he embraces his role as an ancestral guardian fighting relentlessly against all odds to ensure that his companions emerge victorious. For today's mission, Aruuk has teamed up with Zahara, bonding over their shared love of survivalism.

Zahara the Survivalist

Fennec Fox (halfling stats)





Zahara is an expert survivalist who is skilled in tracking and reading maps. Having grown up in the harsh desert she learned skills in animal handling, nature and history through mentorships, and sometimes through failure. She was tired of her small town and joined the CATALYSTS to travel the world. Thankfully, she does not have personal history with the INHIBITORS. But since meeting people like her new friend and teammate Aruuk who was captured by them, they are now her favored enemy! Zahara is nimble, clever, sneaky, and seams to have a lucky streak. She approaches the world with childlike wonder and loves meeting new people. Some may think she is too trusting, but she can hold her own if she finds herself in a sticky situation.

Grendy the Guardian

Gorilla (orc stats)




Oath of Redemption

Grendy lived a rough and tumble life that caused harm to his community. Everyone thought he was unredeemable until the goddess Solstice touched him with a beam of light filling him with hope and guidance, inspiring him to do good in the world. He has joined the CATALYSTS to do just that. Grendy uses his strong, intimidating body to protect the team and intercept attacks, while using his divine powers instilled in him by Solstice to smite enemies and heal allies. For today's mission, Grendy has teamed up with Scarlet, sharing a common goal of redemption for their past misdeeds. They give each other encouragement and keep each other accountable; they are accountabil-i-buddies.

Scarlet the Assassin

Snake (yuan-ti stats)





Growing up, Scarlet she was frustrated by the world being scared of her despite her small size. She soon found herself leaning into it, purposefully being scary, taunting and attacking those around her. She dropped out of school and began training to be an assassin in hopes of being the scariest one around. As time went on she began to realize the scary life is a lonely one and she changed her ways and set out to find a community to join. When she met Captain Cornelius and he introduced her to the CATALYSTS who were warm and welcoming despite her appearance, she knew she found her place. She looks forward to using her skills to
help the world instead of destroying it. Today she has paired with Grendy, another person seeking redemption. They give each other encouragement and keep each other accountable; they are accountabil-i-buddies.

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