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Drinks and Dragons: Struggle in the Jungle

Level 1-2: New and experienced players welcome

May 20, 2023 at 1:00:00 AM

The CATALYSTS have been called to an archeological dig site deep in the jungle where some unusual eggs have been discovered. The archeologists need help identifying the eggs and determining what they should do with them. The head archaeologist also states she feels they are being watched so they would like some protection as well. Can you help them? Bring your knowledge and skills and join the party!


This is a great first-time experience to get a taste of playing D&D. We use level 2 characters for beginners because we find level one just a little too boring as the characters have limited abilities and level 2 provides more interesting options for players, while not being too overwhelming.

We have created the characters and a stripped-down character sheet that gives room for players to add flavor to their character if they'd like to. We have also added a fun immersive "use the room" component to our one-shot games, creating an escape room feel while using D&D rules.

We begin at 6pm with a tutorial and the game is expected to go to 9:30 but can go overtime (so we have added an extra 30mins on the calendar just in case). This is an ages 21+ event with drinks and light snacks provided. All you need to bring is yourself! We provide dice, trays, minis, character sheets, snacks and drinks. 

A note on safety tools

Role playing games can present challenging topics or situations. This is an adult only game and we expect adult themes and situations to come up during play, though we never allow sexual assault by characters or NPCs (or by any humans in the room at Catalyst for that matter). Please let us know if you have any subject sensitivities during checkout. We have never had any harmful situations and don't anticipate having any for this game, but we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable, creating a more joyful experience for everyone! In the unlikely event that you feel uncomfortable with a situation in the game, we will also implement the "X card" safety tool at the table. Flash it anytime and the story will fade to black with no questions. After the game, you can share with Jessica or the game master any specifics that could help us prevent the situation in the future, and in any format that you are comfortable sharing (in person, email, etc.). 


(Please note: a reservation is required for each player as we only have room for 6 players and 6 characters prepared. If you would like to add a player to your reservation, please contact us to make sure there is room)


Below are the characters that will be available for this game. Character sheets will be given out at the start of the game on a first come first served basis. Have a favorite you're itching to play? Be sure to arrive early!

If it is your first time playing and you are overwhelmed by the information below, feel free to ignore it and we will help you make sense of it all when we gather for the tutorial and game.

Coming soon!






Cantrips Known:

First Level Spells: 

Ritual Spells Known:

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