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Cenwulf Ironfang the Pack Leader



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Wolf (kobold stats)


Path of the Totem Warrior (wolf)

Hailing from the far north, Cenwulf has always been seen as a leader. He cared deeply for his pack and would never have left by choice, but a great shame caused his pack to disown him and he headed to the docs in hopes of finding a vessel to take him far away. That is where he met Captain Cornelius and his new found pack in the CATALYSTS. When out on missions and in a leadership role, Cenwulf is known for being a strict, but fair leader, believing order ensures the pack can work together seamlessly. His intimidating presence and volatile temper often aids in dealing with adversaries, but can lead to frustration if the team is out of sync. His sole mission is to protect and support his pack in anyway he can. Character Sheet:

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