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Dr. Thaddeus Brooks the Pathologist



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Crow (kenku stats)



Dr. Brooks, an accomplished pathologist and long time member of the CATALYSTS, has a stellar reputation for deciphering the most complex medical mysteries, though how he does it is a mystery in itself. He is warm and friendly, but is a bit of an enigma that shares little about himself or his past. He seemed to just have appeared out of nowhere one day when Dr. Coco Fuzzington and Captain Cornelius were trying to determine the cause of death of some train passengers, and he has been with the CATALYSTS ever since.

The truth is, he carries deep shame from his home village. Dr. Brooks was the pathologist examining the lab results for the chief leader of his childhood murder of crows (society), who was notorious for corruption and torture. The results showed a treatable disease, but he withheld that information and his report stated there was no disease found. The chief soon died and the other leaders hired Cenwulf to track him down. When Cenwulf found him, Dr. Brooks explained how terrible the chief was and Cenwulf the Pack leader was instantly enraged by hearing of a leader bringing harm to their own. Feeling compassion for Dr. Brooks and knowing he would have done the same, Cenwulf turned a blind eye allowing Dr. Brooks to escape while reporting to the leaders that he was unable to find Dr. Brooks. Character Sheet:

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